Georgia Girl




Georgia Girl (or GG as she is more affectionately known) has been a firm member of the House and Techno community for over a decade. Whilst working at one of London’s most loved record stores (Blackmarket Records/BM Soho) for over six years, she supplied quality vinyl and sourced some of the best underground releases. Subsequently she built up her own vast and varied record collection.

With an obvious and keen interest in deep, dubby and groovy sounds – and a particular enthusiasm for vinyl – Georgia was a valuable member of staff and asset to the store.

Having held numerous London residencies, a residency in Rome and Berlin – alongside a healthy schedule of international bookings across Europe, Asia and the USA – it really is no wonder that Georgia has had the pleasure to play at underground institutions such as fabric and Club der Visionaere.

A truly committed, experienced and hard-working lover of music, she has also hosted prime-time radio shows on several London stations, as well guest appearances on stations such as Rinse FM, RTS.FM, Hoxton FM and Project London Radio.

Currently a resident for London’s notorious after-party, Keep On Going, and a string of international bookings, she regularly plays alongside talented artists and is highly regarded amongst her peers.

2018 is already shaping up to be another busy year with Georgia making a much-anticipated return to the studio as well as her debut in Australia for a mini tour with dates in both Sydney and Melbourne.