Sable Sheep

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Moon Harbour, Desolat, Be As One



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Jan Stern




Sable Sheep – Carve My Name EP – Moan 2016
Sable Sheep – Rewinding The Ashes EP – Inmotion 2016
Sable Sheep – Chaos – Moon Harbour 2016
Sable Sheep – Rise of the Fallen – Moon Harbour 2015
Sable Sheep – Lobotomize – French Kitchen 2015
Sable Sheep – Butterflies Drowning EP – Moon Harbour 2015
Sable Sheep – ParanoidalDesolat 2015
Sable Sheep – Pilgrim – Moon Harbour 2014
Sable Sheep – Fallen Lead Showers – Desolat 2014
Sable Sheep – Vagabond From Hell – Desolat 2014
Sable Sheep – Barricades EP – Moon Harbour 2014
Sable Sheep – Constitution EP – Defected 2013
Sable Sheep – Caarl EP – Be As One 2013
Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies – Moon Harbour 2013
Sable Sheep – Keep It Rough EP – Moon Harbour 2013
Sable Sheep – My Onslaught EP – Be As One 2013
Sable Sheep – Her Empathy – Be As One 2012
Sable Sheep – Painting My Fur EP – Be As One 2011
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Sable Sheep is the relatively new musical incarnation of a German artist with years of experience. It was his releases with Be As One Imprint and being part of the Moon Harbour family that put Tillman on the radar of Loco Dice, who signed him to the Desolat roster.

Heavily influenced by metal music (Tillman is the frontman and singer in a metal band),he might be a rare thing in the electronic world but his straight and groove driven productions are forever ramping up acclaim with Desolat releasing his stellar Vagabond From Hell EP just this past year.

What’s most remarkable is how a character with such an unknown background managed to emerge from the shadows in late 2011 and then has been snapped up by three ground-breaking modern day labels and is enjoying an ever increasing fan base all around the world.