Out Now: Matthias Tanzmanns new EP Elrow

Moon Harbour boss Matthias Tanzmann is next up on the label with a very special new release. It features a track that is “a love letter to Elrow,” one of the parties at which the Leipzig artist is a regular guest. This is Matthias’ first release this year following the success of his second album, Momentum, back in 2016. Part of the reason for that, of course, is that he has had another busy summer playing his famous sets at the legendary DC10 in Ibiza, as well as many other key clubs and festivals around the world. One of those is the crazy, colourful and carnival atmospheres of elrow, which he pays tribute to here. Called, unsurprisingly, ‘Elrow’, the track is a busy, bristling cut with garage style snares chopping up a bobbling bassline. Frazzled synths eventually join the party and whip and whizz about with brain frying results. A vocal repeats a mantra about elrow over and over to fire things up yet further, and mean this one is a real anthem in the making.

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