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Moon Harbour, Lapsus



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Luna City Express – Call The Police – Moon Harbour 2016
Luna City Express – Motherland – Lapsus Music 2016
Luna City Express – Smokin‘ Bull – 2020 Vision 2015
Luna City Express – Into Your Soul feat. RAD – Moon Harbour 2015
Luna City Express – Ten Years Remixed – Moon Harbour 2015
Luna City Express – Luna City Lab 1 – Luna City Lab 2014
Luna City Express – Magic Bazar EP – Moon Harbour 2013
Luna City Express – The Next Level – Moon Harbour 2012
Luna City Express – Thake That – Hive Audio 2012
Luna City Express – Beatman E.P. – Clap Your Hands – 2011
Luna City Express & Chris Lattner – Soul On Soul – Moon Harbour 2011
Luna City Express – Gloria Feat. Sigrid Elliot – Moon Harbour 2010
Luna City Express – The Bartender – Enliven Music – 2010
Luna City Express – Hello From Planet Earth (Remixes Vol. 2) – Moon Harbour 2010
Luna City Express – Hello From Planet Earth (Remixes Vol. 1) – Moon Harbour 2010
Luna City Express – Hello From Planet Earth (Album) – Moon Harbour 2009
Luna City Express – Roughneck – Moon Harbour 2009
Luna City Express – Cloudy Dancer – Enliven Music 2008
Luna City Express – Seven – Moon Harbour 2008
Luna City Express – R.E.M.ixes – Justified Cause 2007
Luna City Express – R.E.M. – Justified Cause 2007
Luna City Express – Freaky Suckers – Freak Waves 2007
Luna City Express – After Three E.P. – Aerobic Studio 2007
Luna City Express – Para Siempre – Moon Harbour 2007
Luna City Express – Crazy Planet EP – Moon Harbour 2006
Luna City Express – Venus – Moon Harbour 2005
Luna City Express – White Russian – Moon Harbour 2005
Luna City Express – Fresh – Moon Harbour 2005

Flashmob, C / R L -Now Is(Feat. C / R L)
(Luna City Express Remix) – Lapsus Music
NiCe7, Forrest –  House Music
(Luna City Express Rmx) – D-FLOOR MUSIC 2016
Asal – I Can Try – Fabian Argomedo Remix (LCE XTC EDIT) – Lapsus Music – 2016
Kevin Yost – Don’t get It Twisted (Luna City Express Remix) – TSOY – 2016
Supernova – Hang On time (Luna City Express Remix) – Lapsus Music – 2016
Patrick Testor, Marco Riemann – Boss Knows Why (Luna City Express Remix) – Brise Records – 2016
Sidney Charles – Accepting The Past (Luna City Express Remix) – Avotre – 2015
Sis – Severin (Luna City Express Remix) – Extravaganza -2015
Kid Mark – Let Me Tell You (Luna City Express Remix) – Pura Music – 2015
Davina Moss – 14 Weeks Feat Louky Louki (Luna City Express Remix) – Upon You – 2015
Rhauder – Getting A Glimpse (Luna City Express Remix) – Perplex – 2014
Marcos In Dub – Mama Said (Luna City Express Remix) – Extremly House Music 2013
Pascal FEOS, Domenic D’Agnelli – Get Me Wrong (Luna City Express Remix) –  Sono Vivo 2013
Dj Linus – Who Stole The Soul (Luna City Express Remix) – Get Physical Music – 2013
Sierra Sam, KINK – My Space Feat. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite (Luna City Express Remix) – Upon You – 2013
Italoboyz – Digger Bick – (Luna City Express Remix) – Superfiction Recordings – 2012
UnoMas (MIA) – Got To Be Funky (Luna City Express Remix) – Novo Music – 2012
Little Fritter – I Want It Back
(Luna City Express Remix) – Hudd Traxx 2011
Audiojack – Mind Games
(Luna City Express Remix) – Gruuv 2011
Markus Schatz – Crazy Luv
(Luna City Express Remix) – Artistika 2011
Martinez – Lavender Mist
(Luna City Express Remix) – Moon Harbour 2011
Martinez – Memorial
(Luna City Express Remix) – Moon Harbour 2011
Mirco Violi & Domy – Woodstock
(Luna City Express Remix) – Glückskind 2011
Gene Siewing – You’re Not A DJ
(Luna City Express Remix) – Off 2011
Marlow – So Mellow, So Sweet
(Luna City Express Remix) – Moon Harbour Recordings 2010 – Who Said I’m Crazy
(Luna City Express Remix) – Baalsaal Recordings 2010
Sasse & James Flavour – Who’s In The House
(Luna City Express Remix) – Dirt Crew Recordings 2010
Catz’n’Dogz – Something Will Come Out
(Luna City Express Remix) – Pets Recordings 2010
Mathias Kaden – Roots
(Luna City Express Remix) – Vakant 2010
Marcel KnopfRec-Chord
(Luna City Express Remix) – Mo’s Ferry Prod. 2010
Shahrokh Sound Of K. – I Like
(Luna City Express Remix) – Compost 2009
Modern Walker – House Lovin N Walking
(Luna City Express Remix) – Isendit 2009
Santos – Hold Home
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Moon Harbour 2009
Rhauder – Influenced
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Perplex Recordings 2008
Scsi-9Kroy Menya V Pol Bita
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Fear Of Flying 2007
Tanzmann & Stefanik – Basic Needs
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Moon Harbour 2006
Audio Soul Project – Tied To You
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Fresh Meat 2006
Simon Flower – Shinjuku Skyline
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Curl Curl 2007
Oliver $ – Hotflash!
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Grand Petrol 2006
Sierra – Interlope
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Anny Jack 2006
Magnetic Base – Spree Beach Sunrise
(Luna City Express Rmx) – Highgrade 2006
Dole & Kom – Deep Down & Dirty
(Luna City Express Rmx) – EK 2006

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Within more than a decade now the collaborational production force named Luna City Express, derived and developed from the influences and musical upbringings of Norman Weber and Marco Resmann has turned into a consistent land- and trademark in the electronic music scene in terms of releases, remixes and remarkable DJ sets all over the place.

Incorporating a wide range of musical influences, with Norman being the Chicago House loving son to a Funk, Disco, HipHop and Acid Jazz spinning DJ-father and Marco being an experienced producer which already had caused some trouble on the floor whilst using the solo pseudonym Phage for records coming from his very own Audiogain studio before they first met, the sound of Luna City Express is clearly revolving around House Music in its essential form but still remains open minded.

This attitude also reflects in a string of releases unleashed since the two producers introduced their Luna City Express moniker whilst collaborating on a track crafted for the 10th anniversary of the legendary Thuringian club Muna in 2004. For this special occasion they joined forces in the studio for the first time after they had already regularly shared decks as a DJ-team for four years after their initial meeting at an Italian millennium celebration party back in 2000.

Ever since their debut single „Fresh“ skyrocketed off as one of the main club hits of 2005 Luna City Express have laid down a blueprint of modern, contemporary House Music on labels like Enliven Music, Clap Your Hands and, most prominently, the Leipzig-based Moon Harbour Recordings which became a firm home to most of their singles as well as to their critically acclaimed 2009-released longplay debut „Hello From Planet Earth“, an eclectic but well-vibing collection of outstanding tracks representing the full musical spectrum of the Luna City world.

Whilst „Hello From Planet Earth“ was praised for showcasing a vast musical expertise in a longplay format Luna City Express continually gained momentum on dancefloors worldwide due to largely successful singles and remixes released in the following years, amongst them „The Next Level feat. Roland Clark“ and „Magic Bazar“ on Moon Harbour as well as their massive rework of DJ Linus’ „Who Stole The Soul“ on Get Physical in 2013.

Renowned for their ability to set crowds on fire with their productions Weber and Resmann have regularly been invited to appear on stage as a DJ-team from day dot.  Combined they weigh in an experience of 40 years on the decks as both started DJ’ing back in 1994. They’ve been hosting shows from all over Europe and the world, played multiple times at the famous Circoloco events taking place at Ibiza’s legendary DC10 and are, despite collecting heaps of air miles, still closely connected to the place where the Luna City Express success story all began – the beloved Muna Club in Bad Klosterlausnitz.

Backed by a rich history like this and after ten years of futile cooperation in terms of music production it’s time for Norman Weber and Marco Resmann, who is also one of the three co-founders of the 2007-launched Upon.You-imprint, to take care of the next step – the launch of their own imprint: Luna City Lab.

Set up as an exclusive outlet for dancefloor rocking material coming straight from the sonic laboratory that the Luna City Express studio is Luna City Lab will focus on limited vinyl runs revolving around their raw and uncut trademark vision of punching House with a techy twist that pays homage to the almighty Jack but remains open to whatever they cook up in their lab – with absolutely no limitations and a clear mission statement for a success story that’s about to last.