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Souvenir, Moon Harbour



Booking agent.
Dani Jakubowski / Jochen Nipp



Chris Wood & Meat – Here It Comes – Souvenir
Sofian & Jule – Sleepless (Chris Wood Remix) – Lauter Unfug
Danny Serrano – Wonder (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Eat And Beat
Chris Wood – Product Imagery – La Pena
Gruia – Angel Island (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Natural Rhythm

Ben Grunell – Valium (Chris Wood Remix) – New Violence Records
Chris Wood & Meat – Stones – Moon Harbour
Chris Wood & Meat – Birds – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – Stay High – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – We Make You Dance – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – Creators Of The Dawn – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – Fragments – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – Stitches – Desolat
Chris Wood & Meat – Bones – Desolat
DJ Le Roi – Muuvin (Chris Wood & Meat Rmx) Upon You Christian PrommerAturo (Chris Wood & Meat – Make Up Your Mind Rmx) – Compost Records
Gruia – Angel Island (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Natural Rhythm
Chris Wood & Meat – DaDaDou – Moon Harbour
Chris Wood & Meat – Playing What – Moon Harbour
Chris Wood & Meat – Playing What (Matthias Tanzmann Rmx) – Moon Harbour
Chris Wood & Meat – So Far Away – Moon Harbour
Chris Wood & Meat – 16 Bit – Pressure Traxx
Chris Wood & Meat – Playing What – Moon Harbour

Chris Wood & Meat – NOW! – Pressure Traxx
Chris Wood & Meat – Clash EP – Housewax
Chris Wood & Meat – Make It Raw – Wilde
Chris Wood & Meat – Madness EP (incl. dOP Remix) – Freebase Records
Chris Wood & Meat – Slow Down – Upon You
Jules & Moss – Chicken Wind (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Inmotion

Chris Wood & Meat – Cock Robin – Souvenir Records
Chris Wood – The Fat Duck – be_chosen
Chris Wood – Cast The Dice – be_chosen
Chris Wood – I Give You Everything – Pressure Traxx
Chris Wood & Meat – Spirit Of Ultra – Cecille Records
Sabb & Cuartero – Don`t Kill My Vibe (Chris Wood & Meat Deep Remix) – Moon Harbour
Sabb & Cuartero – Don`t Kill My Vibe (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Moon Harbour

Chris Wood & Meat – JR Juniors EP – Souvenir Records
Chris Wood – Analog Love – Souvenir Records
Ruede Hagelstein – Private (Chris Wood & Meat Ladyb
Davide Vario – Inside Me (Chris Wood & Meat Remix) – Kaato
Wigbert – Things (Chris Wood Remix) – Sono Vivo

Chris Wood & Meat – Triple S EP – Souvenir
Tiefschwarz – Dominate My Sensations (Chris Wood & Meat Rmx) – Souvenir
Benja – Raw Smoke (Chris Wood Rmx) – Hive Audio
Sebastian Lutz – Acido (Chris Wood Rmx) – bouq

Chris Wood & Meat, Sour, Hive Audio
Hooved, Pink`nda, Chris Wood Remix, She/It Records
Drehwerk, I Want To Move, Chris Wood & Meat Remix, Houseworx
Dole & Kohm, Get Up, Chris Wood Remix, Bondage Music
Chris Wood & Meat, VH 2010 EP, Below
Jobb, My Personal Adicction, Chris Wood Remix, Percusa
Pascal Feos, Makina, Chris Wood Remix, levelNONzero
Roual Galloway, A Make Belive Ballroom, Chris Wood & Meat Remix, BCBtech
Jacuzzi Boys, Lady Lover, Chris Wood & Meat Remix, Kindisch
Drehwerk, Jazz 2 Bass, Chris Wood Remix, Apparel Music, Can`t Feel, chris Wood Remix, Sonido
Martyne, Getting Mofucked, Chris Wood & DosDos Remix, be_chosen
Sebastian Lutz, Rangpur, Chris Wood Remix, Suchtreflex
Chris Wood & Domenico D`Agnelli, Friends EP, levelNONzero
Chris Wood & Meat, Backdown EP, Mur Mur

Chris Wood & Frank Leicher, Two of Three EP, Level Non Zero
Chris Wood & Meat, No Sad Beat EP, Below
Chris Wood, Be_Chosen Online

Beatport exclusive: Dual EP, Chris Wood & Pascal FEOS
FEOS/Miroir, Rezolution, Chris Wood Re-Edit, Level Non Zero
Details, Level Non Zero Compilation, mixed by Chris Wood & Pascal FEOS
Fresh Fried, The Menu, Level Non Zero
Fresh Fried, Dessert, Level Non Zero
Chris Wood & Frank Leicher, Geisha, Level Non Zero

Chris Wood, The Guns Are Loaded EP, Level Non Zero
Strobe Light Network, Cold, Chris Wood Re-Edit, Exacta
Dual EP, Chris Wood & Pascal FEOS, Beatport Exclusive
Fresh Fried, 50 Ways, Level Non Zero
Women..s Key, Fresh Fried Remix, be_chosen
Fresh Fried, Madness, Level Non Zero

Chakras (Sao Paulo) From Brazil to Berlin mixed by Chris Wood & Toni Rios

seis o seis; Chris Wood; Level Non Zero
Aural Float; Beautiful Someday; additional production & programming on tracks: How deep und Still Here
Rave on Snow Compilation cd 1 mixed by Chris Wood & Pascal FEOS

I need a Freak; Chris Wood & Sebbo Remix
Desire; Chris Wood,Michael Schidlo,Thorsten Schneider; Level Non Zero
Trigger; Chris Wood Re-Edit; Level Non Zero

Love Pac; Tony Senghore; Chris Wood Remix; Danza Electronica




Chris Wood
Since 2004 Chris proceeds as successful producer and remixer. By now, there are a couple of numerous releases and remixes under his hand. He released for example on labels like Moon Harbour, Pressure Traxx, Souvenir, Upon You, Below, Freebase Records, Kindisch, MurMur or be_chosen.

2009 Chris started working with his friend Meat (Carsten Schuchmann). Since then they released a couple of tracks and remixes on different labels and they DJ together at clubs all around the world.

There last EPs where played by big names like Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and many more. From 2012 to 2016 Chris and Meat ran the store Freebase Records & Sneakers together, as well as their label Freebase Records.