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Moon Harbour, Get Physical

Zohki & Roozlee



Booking agent.
Jan Stern



Zohki – 15 Years Moon Harbour Compilation – Moon Harbour 2015
Zohki – Colossal EP – Roush Label 2015
Zohki – Apollo – Get Physical 2015
Zohki & Roozlee – Straight Underground Compilation 2015
Zohki & Roozlee – Never Change EP – Natural Rhythm 2014
Zohki & Roozlee – Satisfaction EP – VIVa Music 2014
Zohki & Roozlee – inHouse Compilation – Moon Harbour 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – Above the Rim EP – Colludo Records 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – Fancy – Moon Harbour 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – First Lesson EP – Result Records 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – Hustlaz EP – VIVa 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – Baoss EP – Sanity 2013
Zohki & Roozlee – One Way Out EP – Moon Harbour 2012

Hector Moralez – River (Zohki Remix) – Cellaa Music 2016
Nino Santos & Lightem – Orange Hill (Zohki Remix) – Take Away 2015
Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo – 300 Hoes Again (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) 2015
Toni Varga – Don`t Sleep (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – Time has Changed 2015
Sascha Sonido – Escobar – Highgrade Rec. 2014
Anek – Getting Going (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – Nirvana Rec. 2014
Alex Lario – Trough me (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – KER Recordings 2014
Sascha Sonido – Keep Going (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – Trapez Ltd. 2014
Will Monotone – Lose my Mind (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – VIVa Music Limited 2013
Piemont – Reflections in Plexiglass (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – Plumbum 2013
Sascha Sonido – Adult Disco (Zohki & Roozlee Remix) – Kling Klong 2013




Zohki – from deep to tech house floors widely regarded as one half of Zohki & Roozlee. Grown up in the heart of West Germany, it was Hip Hop that brought these homeboys together in the nineties and led them to house music few years after. With remarkable effect – within just a short period of time the couple has gained international reputation.
It was Matthias Tanzmann who first believed in their potential, gave them a platform on his label Moon Harbour Rec. and got them on board of their in-house booking agency. First outcome: their “one Way Out” debut EP and kick-start support from high profile DJs such as DJ Sneak, Nick Curly or Radio Slave, to name a few.

Zohki & Roozlee were on everyone’s lips and speakers and instinctively took this perfect wave with further productions on Natural Rhythm, Moon Harbour and two closely followed releases on VIVa Music. Their “Hustlaz EP” in 2013 was called the label’s biggest release since past 4 years by labelboss Steve Lawler himself, who nominated the duo as one of his hottest up and coming talents in a video call for Emerging Ibiza.

The domino effect was on their side – and so were a residency for the VIVa Warriors Ibiza season 2014, VIVa showcases worldwide, bookings at the highly acclaimed Sonar festival, Amsterdam Dance Event or the opening for Zoo Project, Ibiza.

Zohki going solo. At the end of 2015 the story of Zohki & Roozlee comes to its final page. While longtime brother-in-crime Roozlee makes a full return to Hip Hop, Zohki continues their musical heritage – and steps on it! DJ-wise he returns to his first love, vinyl, aroused by his first bought record by Armand van Helden. Nevertheless Hip Hop still has effect on him. While his sound as a DJ one-man-show has turned more towards techno, he still loves to sample his musical roots and recite them in his own productions.

His first solo outing “Apollo”, a driving snare-dominated groover, comes out on renowned German imprint Get Physical, followed by a solo release that is taking him back to the home port, were everything began – Moon Harbour. With one further EP on Hector Couto’s imprint Roush, a scheduled solo album for 2016 and diverse collaborations in the pipeline, the course for the second chapter of this ambitious artist is set. Zohki is reaching for the stars.

Around the world, to the moon and back!