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exclusive in Germany / Austria / Switzerland.

Clarisse Records


Booking agent.
Jan Stern



One of the underground’s most requested remixers and head of the Clarisse Records label, the ever-ready Mendo has well over a 100 tracks to his name released over a 15 year period and has stamped his style across some of the best electronic music labels going Saved, Defected, 8bit, Noir Music, Terminal M, Get Physical, Suara, Viva Music, Rekids, Great Stuff, CR2, Material, Tronic, Circus Recordings and Cadenza, of course, have all taken delivery of high points from the four-deck specialist.

A spinner since the age of 15 and the holder of a quintessential ‘music is life’ philosophy – this after inauspicious childhood inspiration was provided by acid house, new beat and anthems such as Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’ - Mendo’s career from this point forward has thrived on the excitement “to produce a song, then play it in front of thousands of people and make them hysterical.”

Certified smashes ‘Everybody I Got Him’, ‘Gringo’, ‘Aventuras’ and ‘Inocencia’, which won the Vicious Music Award for Best Release in 2011, has meant plentiful praise ever since George Morel helped the Swiss high roller pick the lock to the studio. Peers such as Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Luciano and Carl Cox are part of the Mendo fanclub. His modifications for artists and label owners Steve Lawler, DJ Sneak, Nina Kraviz, Deadmau5, Yousef and Hot Since 82, mean his remix rating is unassailable.

A mainstay when it comes to traversing international dancefloors, Mendo has lit up the twin titans of Pacha and Ushuaia in Ibiza, and descended on Tokyo’s Womb, Berlin’s Panoramabar, NYC’s Cielo and D-Edge in Sao Paulo to make major cross-continental impact. Normally fully booked for festival season as well, Mendo is up to his armpits in wristbands, having chalked up appearances at Spain’s Monegros Desert Festival, Hungary’s Balaton Sound and B My Lake, New York’s Electric Zoo, Budapest’s Cinematine, the Lovin Ibiza Festival at Space Ibiza, and Croatia’s Beachattack. He adds the not unreasonable train of thought that “the key to a successful party is to get girls dancing; once they dance, everybody does.”

His Clarisse label has been dropping heat and upping antes since 2003, set up with right-hand man, previous remix target and Club Science co-member Chab. Flourishing into a sureshot imprint stocking club class from Yvan Genkins, Oxia, Jay Lumen, Audiojack, Danny Serrano, Ross Evans to name a few and plenty of Mendo himself, the expansion into hosting Clarisse Nights across Europe now features a diamond dozen of in-house, in-demand DJs. 2013 was when Mendo’s ‘Avalon’ LP became the label’s centerpiece. After a careful period beforehand of revision and reconstruction, it received rapturous support, alluding to the album positioning clubbers “at a beach bar drinking cocktails at sunset.”

2014 saw Mendo up his game even further. While no stranger to success, a residency in Blue Marlin Ibiza, remixing Monika Kruse's 'Summer Drops' or Damian Lazarus 'Lovers Eyes' released on his own label Crosstown Rebels, July this year saw an unprecedented four Mendo tracks chart simultaneously in Beatport’s Top 100, with his remix of Hunzed & Harvey’s ‘Sheeta’, reaching #6 which earns him to be #35 all-time most charted artist on Resident Advisor.

The dictionary definition of ‘mendo’ is a type of mythological spirit or demon. When it comes to house music, Mendo only deals in actual fact.




Toni Moreno ‘All Back Night’ Mendo Rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2015 
Mendo & Rene Amesz Tribeca’ (Toolroom, UK) 2015
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Frequency' (8bit, DE) 2015
Toolroom Live 03 mixed by Mendo (Toolroom, IT) 2015
Simone Liberali 'Swan' Mendo & Yvan Genkins Dub Mix (Toolroom, UK) 2015 
Mendo & Yvan Genkins ‘Somebody Say’ (Toolroom, UK) 2015
Mendo & Yvan Genkins ‘2600’ (Toolroom, UK) 2015
Mendo 'Melody' Russ Yallop Rmx (Material, NL) 2015
Barcelona Off Week 2015 mixed by Mendo (Deeperfect, IT) 2015 
Mendo ‘Music Power’ (Deeperfect, IT) 2015
DJ Sneak ‘Seca De Loco’ Mendo Rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2015 
Mendo 'Magic' Tapesh & Do Santos Rmx (Material, NL) 2015 
Mendo 'Magic' Secondcity Rmx (Material, NL) 2015
Mendo 'Magic' Christian Nielsen Rmx (Material, NL) 2015
Mendo 'Melody' Waifs & Strays Rmx (Material, NL) 2015
The Scumfrog 'Sendwave' Mendo Rmx (Knee Deep in Sound, UK) 2015
Charles Ramirez & Baum ‘Fire Alarm’ Coyu Edit / Mendo Remix (Suara, ES) 2015
Mendo & Yvan Genkins ‘Crawfish’ (Knee Deep In Sound, UK) 2015
Simone Liberali 'Swan' Mendo & Yvan Genkins Rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2015
Chus & Ceballos 'They Say Nothing' Mendo Rmx (Stereo Productions, ES) 2015
Joeski 'Its All The Same' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Kinetika Records, US) 2014
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'What You Say EP' incl. Jay Lumen rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014 
Damian Lazarus 'Lovers Eyes' Mendo Rmx (Crosstown Rebels, UK) 2014
Impellizzeri & Stupia vs Mendo 'Gelatine EP' (Circus Recordings, UK) 2014
Ross Evans 'Curve Ball' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014 
Dario D'Attis ft. Lisa Shaw 'All Over Again' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Lapsus Music, IT) 2014 
ME & her 'Ginseng' Mendo rmx (OFF Recordings, DE) 2014
Monika Kruse 'Summerdrops' Mendo rmx (Terminal M, DE) 2014
Harvey & Hunzed IT 'Sheeta' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014
Mendo – 'Melody / Magic EP' (Material, NL) 2014
Mendo & Danny Serrano ' The Bassement / Truesoul EP' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'Bodysoul' Danny Serrano Rmx (Younan Music, US) 2014
Mendo & Charles Ramirez 'No More' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014
Eric Sneo 'Move On' Mendo rmx (Tronic, BR) 2014
Karretero 'Patron' Mendo rmx (Donkeyhead Recordings, SP) 2014
Luca Lento 'Poema' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2014
Mendo 'Avalon - The Album' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2013
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'Speech' EP : 
'Chortle' / 'Monday Morning' / 'Fifth Ave' / 'I Like This Wife' (Amazing music, IT) 2013
Danny Serrano & Frankie Dep 'All We Need' Mendo rmx (Eat and beat, SP) 2013
Danny Serrano 'Mufasa' Mendo rmx (Material, NL) 2013
George Morel 'Keep It Rolling' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2013
Joeski 'Hustles Revenge' Mendo rmx (Toolroom Records, US) 2013
Marcos Cruz ' Change Your Attitude Its Free' 
Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Monza Ibiza Records, SP) 2013Monza Ibiza Records, SP) 2013
Soliman & Patrick Kunkel 'I Can't Dance No More' Mendo rmx (Form Music, F) 2013
Mendo 'La Krika' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2013
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'Sushi Time' EP : 'Miso' / 'Shoyu' / 'Temaki' (Saved Records, UK) 2012 
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'The Prayers' EP' : 'Gods On Hill' / 'Preacher' (Defected, UK) 2012
Paolo Mojo & Angelo Fracalanza & One & Raff 'All Night Long' Mendo rmx (Skint Records, UK) 2012
Cuartero ' Not To Miss' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2012
Mar-T 'El Creador' Mendo rmx (Wow! Recordings, SP) 2012
Toni Varga 'Celia' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (ElRow Music, SP) 2012
Gary Beck ' Tammo Chanter' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Suara, SP) 2012
Yvan Genkins 'Tea Party Protest' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2012
Deadmau5 & Melleefresh ' Hey Baby' Mendo dub mix (Play Digital, CA) 2012
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'Capture' the 'Witness' EP' (Saved Records, UK) 2011
Mendo Feat. Andre Butano ‘Gringo EP’ : 'Gringo' / 'Cuate' (8bit Records, DE) 2011
Mendo ‘Stages Of Life EP’ : 'Inocencia' / 'Old School' (Cadenza Records, CH) 2011
Frivolous 'Red Tide' Mendo Remix (Cadenza Records, CH) 2011
Djordje 'Art Is In You' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2011
Carlo Caldareri 'Bolly Touch' Mendo & Yvan Genkins rmx (Microtech Records, ROM) 2011 
Mendo ‘El Apache’ (Underdog Music, SP) 2011
Mendo & Yvan Genkins ' It's All In Your Mind' (Bla Bla, NL) 2011
Mendo & Yvan Genkins 'The Beginning EP' : 
'Lazy Boogaloo' / 'Infernal Dialogue' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2011
Mendo & Matteo Spedicati 'Jemand' und 'Spiegel' (Great Stuff Recordings, DE) 2010
Mendo 'Collab 1 EP' : 'I Like It' / 'Insert Coin' / 'I Like Coins' (Cray1 Labworks, SP) 2010
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Poupea' (Tapas Recordings, DE) 2010
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Atalaya' (Get Physical Music, DE) 2010
Mendo 'Encantos EP' : 'Aventuras' / 'Madrugada' (Cadenza Records, CH) 2010
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Esperanza' (Viva Music, UK) 2010
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Yanara & Berlina' (Saved Records, UK) 2010
Mendo & Nicolas Duvoisin 'Sambo Massimum & My dad come' (Underground Records, DE) 2010 
Matt Star 'Leaving Home' Mendo rmx (Fantastic Friends Recordings, CH) 2010
Nina Kraviz 'I’m Gonna Get You' Mendo rmx (Rekids, UK) 2010
Emill De Moreu, Danito ‘ Painting You Away’ 
Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Sutil Records, SP) 2010
Steve Lawler 'Gimme Some More Feat. Roland Clark' Mendo rmx (VIVa MUSiC, UK) 2010
Nima Gorji 'Strangers' Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Natural Rhythm, DE) 2010
El Mundo & Satori, Kid Culture 'Gotta Help' Mendo rmx (Gruuv, UK) 2010
Dj Sneak 'Love' Mendo rmx (Dj Sneak Classics, USA) 2010
Nick Coden 'Fashion' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2010
Sabb 'Ballkanika feat. Dark Beat' Mendo rmx (Noir Music, DK) 2010
Arara, Fog 'Palmaflava' Mendo rmx (Brise Records, DE) 2010 
Nick & Danny Chatelain 'Rumba' Mendo rmx (Defected Records, UK) 2010 
PhonoKemi 'Green Tea' Mendo rmx (Fantastic Friends Recordings, CH) 2010
Juan Rojas 'Turbaco' Mendo rmx (Suara, SP) 2010
Uner 'Love In The Rope' Mendo rmx (Khazuma Future, SP) 2010 
Evans & Waterfall 'Cafe Loco' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2010
Mendo & Franco Cazzola 'Arrakis' Mendo rmx (Carillon Records, IT), 2010
Mendo 'Morena' (Cr2 Records, UK) 2009
Mendo 'Remember EP' : 'Everybody I got him' 2009 mix / '1992' 
(Cadenza Records, CH) 2009 
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Kumbha' (Bouq. Records, DE) 2009 
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Tapis Rouge & Red City' (Suchtreflex Records, DE) 2009
Mendo & Nicolas Duvoisin 'Just on night & 4th Floor' (Underground Records, DE) 2009
Mendo - Deep House Summer - 'Only Gin Tonic & Caramel' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2009
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Coconuts' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2009
Mendo 'Trompeta' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2009
Mendo 'Everybody I got him' 2009 mix (Clarisse Records, CH) 2009
Mendo, Luis Damora, Danny Serrano Feat. Alex Sumi 
'The Time is Coming' (Clarisse Rec. CH) 2009
Noir, Fraser Owen '&U' Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Noir Music, DK) 2009
Charles Ramirez 'Working Hard' Mendo rmx (Cray1 LabWorks Records, SP) 2009
Katoline 'Una Pregunta' Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Waldliebe Musik, DE) 2009
Ismael Rivas, Luis Damora, Mendo, Danny Serrano 'Black State' 
Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Fatxl (Factomania, SP) 2009
Nikola Gala 'When I Listen 2 This Sound' Mendo & Chab Deeper mix 
(Escada Music, GRC) 2009 
Luis Damora 'L A Sunrise' Mendo & Danny Serrano rmx (Bilingual Rec, SP) 2009
Mendo & Danny Serrano 'Sugar & The Body ' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Mendo 'The Birds' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Mendo 'Attraction' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Mendo 'Cranberry' (Groove On, USA) 2008
Chab & JD Davis 'Lonely' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Chab & JD Davis 'Get High' The Club Science mix (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Di Paul 'The Darkness, The Music' Mendo rmx (Clarisse Records, CH) 2008
Mendo 'Goldstrike' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2007
Mendo & David Armada 'Desperate' (Clarisse Records, CH) 2007
Dj Paulo 'Clean it up' Mendo rmx (Pure Music Productions, USA) 2007
De Loren & Colors 'Zancozumbada' Mendo rmx (Magna Recordings, PT) 2007
Joubin & Nicola Torriero 'Pixels' Mendo rmx (I/O Recordings, CAN) 2007
The Vintage 'Something about music' Mendo rmx (Mochico Primo, USA) 2007
Dj Paulo 'Clean it up' Mendo rmx (Pure Music Productions, USA) 2007
De Loren & Colors 'Zancozumbada' Mendo rmx (Magna Recordings, PT) 2007
Joubin & Nicola Torriero 'Pixels' Mendo rmx (I/O Recordings, CAN) 2007
The Vintage 'Something about music' Mendo rmx (Mochico Primo, USA) 2007
Mendo 'I miss you' (Magna recordings, PT) 2006
Mendo & David Armada 'Taurus' (Plastic Fantastic, UK) 2006
Mendo 'Watermelon' (Stereo productions, SPA) 2005
Mendo vs David Armada 'Ghost' (Magnetica Recordings, PT) 2005
Mendo featuring Christie K. 'Hey you!' (Almibar recordings, SPA) 2005
The Vintage 'Wake up America' Mendo rmx (Sondos, USA) 2005
Mencha aka (Mendo & Chab) featuring Sumo 'Play me with your sound'
(Clarisse Records, CH / Stealth Records UK) 2004
Mendo & Chab 'Afrofunfunk' (Stereo productions, SPA) 2003
Mendo featuring Christie K. 'Nevermind' (Groove On, USA) 2002
Mendo featuring Christie K. 'Move On' (Groove On, USA) 2002
Mendo 'Do it' (Groove On, USA) 2001
Mendo featuring Christie K. 'Tell me' (Groove On, USA / Audio rec. UK) 2001
Mendo 'Everybody I got him' (Groove On, USA) 2000
Mendo 'Any thoughts' DMO project (Imago Records, CH) 2000
Chab 'Get my love' Mendo rmx (Imago Records, CH) 2000
Leman West 'Parade' Mendo rmx (Muve Records, CH) 2000
Dollby (Mendo & Solo) 'Music' (Club Beat Records, CH) 1999
Dollby (Mendo & Solo) 'I need your' (Club Beat Records, CH) 1999 
The Vintage 'Wake up America' Mendo rmx (Sondos, USA) 
Chab 'Get my love' Mendo rmx (Imago Records, CH) 
Leman West 'Parade' Mendo rmx (Muve Records, CH)